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  • Because of the length of this video (58 minutes— You may prefer to view it in more than a single setting (or to refer to specific parts of the video). I have therefore made a timed CONTENTS. Fast Forward at the above YouTube LINK to focus in on the specific subject area you are looking for!
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TIMED CONTENTS (Click on Links to Fast Forward! ):
0:00 – Introduction (How to contact me).
1:18 – What AV Block is not (blocked PACs).
4:18 – AV Block defined.
5:18 – Normal conduction.
6:30 – What happens with the various types of AV Block.
  • NOTE: At 7:10 (when discussing 1st-Degree) – I meant to say that once the impulse gets through the AV Node (instead of “arrives at” the AV Node) – that conduction through the ventricles is fast.
 8:05 – The concept of “Escape”.
12:05 – Classification of AV Blocks (Use of the “KISS” Method).
13:00 – 1st-Degree AV Block.
17:09 – Using the Ps, Qs & 3R Approach to diagnose 3rd-Degree (Complete) AV Block.
19:20 – Criteria for diagnosis of 3rd-Degree AV Block.
22:35 – How to determine the Level of 3rd-Degree AV Block? (Ventricles vs AV Node).
24:08 – Recognizing 3rd-Degree at the AV Nodal Level.
25:30 – Recognizing When there is NOT 3rd-Degree (irregular ventricular rate).
27:10 – “Other Stuff” (ventricular escape; hyperkalemia; ventricular standstill; asystole).
31:15 – 2nd-Degree AV Block, Mobitz Type I (AV Wenckebach)
39:05 – 2nd-Degree AV Block, Mobitz Type II.
42:12 – Comparing the Features of Mobitz I vs Mobitz II.
43:40 – 2nd-Degree with 2:1 AV Block.
45:55 – 2:1 Block – Is thereMobitz I elsewhere?
49:25 – AV Dissociation (basic concepts).
50:35 – AV Dissociation by “Default” (not the same as complete AV Block).
52:50 – AV Dissociation by “Usurpation” (AV dissociation is not a diagnosis by itself).
55:25 – Review: How AV Dissociation differs from Complete AV Block.

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