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ECG Blog #225a — ECG VIDEOS (Media Pearls)

Dear Reader: As part of my ECG Media PEARL Series, that I began January, 2021 — I have been expanding and updating ECG videos that I have made. To facilitate review — I'll be including all ECG VIDEOS on this web page (as well as in the ECG Blog post where they first appear).
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VIDEOS from My MedAll ECG Talks:
  • CLICK HERE — for aYou-Tube LIST of these 6 ECG Videos.
  • ECG Blog #403 (11/11/2023 — 22 minutes) — is based on ECG Blog #220 (Review of the Ps, Qs, 3R Approach for Rhythm Interpretation — and then applying this to ECG assessment of a regular WCT rhythm case).

  • ECG Blog #404 (11/18/2023 — 15:30 minutes) — is based on ECG Blog #344 (Defines the AV Blocks — Working through a 2nd-Degree Block case — Is it Mobitz I, Mobitz II or neither?).

  • ECG Blog #405 (11/25/2023 — 19:40 minutes) — Rhythm Interpretation based on ECG Blog #191 (AV Dissociation vs Complete AV Block).

  • ECG Blog #406 (12/2/2023 — 22:00 minutes) — Reviews ECG assessment of a patient with new CP (including STEMI vs OMI Paradigms — the "Mirror Test" for Posterior OMI — Diffuse Subendocardial Ischemia) — with focus on applying a Systematic Approach for 12-lead ECG interpretation — based on ECG Blog #351 (What is an OMI vs STEMI?).

  • ECG Blog #407 (12/8/2023 — 22:30 minutes) — Reviews ECG assessment of a patient with new CP (including STEMI vs OMI Paradigms — Comparison of serial ECGs — "dynamic" ST-T wave changes) — with focus on applying a Systematic Approach for 12-lead ECG interpretation — based on ECG Blog #292 (Why did the Patient Die?).

  • ECG Blog #408 (12/16/2023 — 18:00 minutes) — Reviews ECG assessment of a patient with new CP (including STEMI vs OMI Paradigms — Hyperacute T Waves — How much things may change within 20 minutes) — based on ECG Blog #392 (Repolarization T Waves?). 

Use of a Systematic Approach:

ECG Media Pearl #27 (3:00 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #210 — Reviews the Rule of 300 for estimating heart rate — and — @ 1:25 minutes in the video, the Every-Other-Beat Method for Estimating Rate with fast rhythms (4/2/2021).

ECG Media Pearl #77 (11:00 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #269 — Reviews assessment of R Wave Progression as part of the Q-R-S-T memory aid in the Systematic Approach to 12-lead interpretation (includes clarification of the term, "Poor" R Wave Progression vs Transition — 12/18/2021).

ECG Media Pearl #78 (4:30 minutes Video) ECG Blog #270 — Reviews how we define, "Q Waves" — and how to distinguish "normal" septal Q waves from Infarction Q waves (12/22/2021).

ECG Media Pearl #79 (3:00 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #271 — Reviews how we define the ST Segment Baseline (ie, whether to use the PR or TP segment — or both?12/26/2021).

Axis - Hemiblocks - Bundle Branch Blocks: 

ECG Media Pearl #20 (14:30 min. Video) — ECG Blog #203 — User-friendly approach to Calculating Axis (3/12/2021).

ECG Media Pearl #21 (12:00 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #203 — User-friendly approach to the Hemiblocks (LAHB/LPHB) and Bifascicular Blocks (RBBB/LAHB- RBBB/LPHB — 3/12/2021).

ECG Media Pearl #22 (13:15 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #204 — Reviews a user-friendly approach for how to diagnose Bundle Branch Blocks (RBBB/LBBB/IVCD) in a matter of seconds(3/15/2021) — also ECG Blog #282 —

  • CLICK HERE — for FREE download PDF of this 26-page file on BBB (from my ECG-2014-ePub) — with review on the Basics for ECG diagnosis of the Bundle Branch Blocks (including diagnosis of acute MI & LVH with BBB).

Chamber Enlargement (RAA/LAA - RVH - LVH):

Diagnosis of Acute Ischemia/Infarction:

Diagnosis of VT vs SVT (Aberrant Conduction):

ECG Media Pearl #28 (4:40 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #211 — Reviews WHY some early beats and some SVT rhythms are conducted with Aberration (and why the most common form of aberrant conduction manifests RBBB morphology(4/5/2021) — See also ECG Blog #279

Types of SupraVentricular Rhythms (SVT-AFib-Flutter-MAT, etc):

ECG Media Pearl #16 (2:20 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #199 — What is MAT (Multiple Atrial Tachycardia)? How is it diagnosed? (3/1/2021).

Diagnosis of ABlocks/AV Dissociation:

ECG Media Pearl #6a (PART #1 = 6:50 minutes Video ECG Blog #189 — What type of AV Block? Detailed analysis of this challenging arrhythmia (including ECG Video with step-by-step analysis of this complex ladderegram(1/30/2021).

ECG Media Pearl #6b (PART #2 = 5:00 minutes Video)

ECG Media Pearl #8 (8:20 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #191 — Distinguishing between ADissociation vs Complete AV Block (2/6/2021).

ECG Media Pearl #9 (5:40 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #192 — Reviews the 3 Causes of AV Dissociation (2/9/2021).

ECG Media Pearl #42 (11:00 minutes Video) — Discusses the case presented ECG Blog #226 (with laddergram illustrating dual-level AV Wenckebach). For clarity — I've reprolduced the 12-lead ECG and long lead II rhythm strip below.

This is the 12-lead ECG and long lead II rhythm strip associated with ECG Media Pearl #42 (from ECG Blog #226).

ECG Media Pearl #52 (15:00 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #236 — Reviews the 3 Types of 2nd-Degree ABlock — plus — the hard-to-define term of "high-grade" Ablock (This video is also highly relevant to the case presented in ECG Blog #237).
  • Section 2F (6 pages = the "short" Answer) from my ECG-2014 Pocket Brain book provides quick written review of the AV Blocks (This is a free download).
  • Section 20 (54 pages = the "long" Answer) from my ACLS-2013-Arrhythmias Expanded Version provides detailed discussion of WHAT the AV Blocks are — and what they are not! (This is a free download).

Laddergrams (How to Read and Draw Laddergrams):

ECG Media Pearl #5: This video (5:00 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #188WHAT to Know about Laddergrams? (NOTE: The video refers to a laddergram I discussed in ECG Blog #187including in the Addendum to Blog #187, other possibilities for the mechanism of the arrhythmia) - (Video revised on 11/10/2021).

How to Draw a Laddergram (Step-by-Step Demonstration) 
  • See ECG Blog #69 — For a verbal Step-by-Step on drawing a Laddergram
  • For additional practice, see any of the many LINKS below at the bottom of today's blog post!
  • CLICK HERE — To DOWNLOAD my FREE PowerPoint Laddergram STENCIL for your use as desired.

ECG Media Pearl #82 (8:40 minutes Video) — ECG Blog #280 — Detailed analysis of this challenging arrhythmia (including ECC Video with step-by-step analysis of my proposed Laddergram — 2/1/2022).
  • CLICK HERE to download a PDF of all tracings shown in today's ECG Video (including step-by-step construction of my proposed Laddergram).

Miscellaneous OTHER Entities (Peri-Myocarditis-XXX ):

In Part 1 of today's ECG Media Pearl #53 (9:00 minutes Video) — the essentials of Brugada Syndrome are reviewed.

Int Part 2 of today's ECG Media Pearl #53 (8:00 minutes Video) — these essentials are applied clinically.

ECG Media Pearl #53 (9:00 min. and 8:00 min. 2-part Video) — ECG Blog #238 — Reviews the ECG diagnosis of Brugada-1 and Brugada-2 ECG patterns — and distinction of Brugada Syndrome from Phenocopy!

ECG Media PEARL #81 (9:50 minutes Video) ECG Blog #276 — Summarizes my Systematic Approach to 12-lead ECG interpretaton (during the first 2:50 minutes of this video) — after which I apply this Systematic Approach to a case as I work through the Causes of Giant T-Waves (See also ECG Blog #277).

I hope my ECG Media PEARLS are helpful to you. 
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