CONTENTS of My ECG Video-9 on a Case: Complete AV Block? / Laddergrams

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TIMED CONTENTS (Click on Links to Fast Forward! ):
0:00 – Introduction (How to contact me)
0:45 – Case Presentation: Is this Complete AV Block?
2:16 – Using Calipers: Verifying underlying Sinus Rhythm
3:28 – The Difference between Complete AV Block vs AVDissociation
4:24 – Do P Waves have a Chance to Conduct?
5:28 – How We Define Complete AV Block
6:15 – Why this rhythm is Not Complete AV Block
8:14 – The Rate should be ≤50/minute for Complete AV Block
9:10 – Using a Laddergram for Complex Arrhythmias
10:08 – Components of Laddergrams (3 Tiers; Passage of Time)
11:20 – Sinus Beats on a Laddergram
12:08 – PACs, PJCs on a Laddergram
13:18 – PVCs on a Laddergram
13:45 – AV Block on a Laddergram
14:20 – The Concept of “Escape” Rhythms
15:11 – Where is the Escape Rhythm in this Case?
16:44 – Drawing the Laddergram for this Case
20:58 – Why Do Some P Waves Conduct but Others Don’t?

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