CONTENTS of My ECG Video-16 on Chest Pain plus Giant T Waves?

NOTE: This ECG Video-16 reviews use of the Systematic Approach to 12-Lead ECG Interpretation — with focus on Causes of Giant T Wave Inversion.
  • Information about this Video is on my ECG Blog #120 
  • The duration of this video is 12 minutes. I have made a timed CONTENTS. Fast Forward at the above YouTube LINK to focus in on the specific subject area you are looking for!
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TIMED CONTENTS (Click on Links to Fast Forward! ):
0:00 – Introduction (How to contact me).
0:28 – Today’s Case.
0:44 – Review of the 2-Step Systematic Approach to ECG Interpretation.
1:39 – Step #1 = Descriptive Analysis.
2:11 – Benefits of Using a Systematic Approach.
3:36 – Applying the Approach to this Tracing.
4:01 – Assessing the QTc.
6:34 – Putting It Together into the Clinical Impression.
7:46 – There are GIANT T Waves!
8:34 – Which Causes of Giant T Waves might apply?
9:47 – Looking closer at LVH and ST-T Wave Morphology.
10:34 – Bottom Line (Summary) of our Interpretation.
11:50 – That’s it for today!

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