CONTENTS of My ECG Video-3 on a Case: SVT with ST Depression

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  • To facilitate using this 11-minute video  I have made a timed CONTENTS. Fast Forward at the above YouTube LINK to focus in on the specific subject area you are looking for!
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TIMED CONTENTS (Click on Links to Fast Forward! ):
0:00 – Introduction (How to contact me).
0:48 – Case Presentation (12-lead ECG & rhythm strip).
1:42 – GENERAL: How to Approach the Rhythm?
1:54 – Is the Patient Hemodynamically Stable?
2:50 – Adenosine was Given (Appropriate use? Side Effects).
3:25 – Assessing this Rhythm (Review of the Ps, Qs & 3R Approach).
4:35 – “12 Leads are Better than One” (for rhythm analysis).
5:09 – Estimating RATE for Fast Rhythms (Every-other-Beat Method).
6:01 – Differential Diagnosis of a Regular SVT (without sinus P waves).
8:40 – Why so much ST Depression with SVT on the 12-Lead ECG?
9:46 – The Post-Conversion 12-Lead ECG on this Patient

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