CONTENTS of My ECG Video-7 on a Case: Is this VT?

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TIMED CONTENTS (Click on Links to Fast Forward! ):
0:00 – Introduction (How to contact me).
0:53 – Case Presentation (12-lead ECG & rhythm strip).
2:02 – Look at the Patient First (Stable? What to do First?).
2:44 – You May Need to Treat BEFORE Knowing the Rhythm.
3:45 – Initial Rhythm Analysis should be done in < 3 Seconds.
4:42 – IF Unstable because of a Fast Rhythm – Cardiovert!
5:10 – Step-by-Step Rhythm Analysis of this ECG (Ps,Qs,3Rs).
6:54 – The Rhythm is Not Regular … (“Other Stuff” going on).
7:20 – Start with what you Know (Look for the Underlying Rhythm).
7:54 – Using the Ps, Qs, 3R Approach for the Underlying Rhythm.
9:35 – The Long Lead II Rhythm Strip (What are the narrow beats?).
10:28 – Looking at the 2 Runs of a Regular WCT Rhythm (Is this VT?).
11:05 – Identifying AV Dissociation (Fusion & Capture beats).
13:49 – Advanced Concepts: Concealed Conduction (prolonged PR).
15:58 – Using the 12-Lead with a Regular WCT (axis; QRS morphology).
17:45 – Using QRS Morphology with a Regular WCT (leads I,V1,V6).
19:30 – Use of the Post-Conversion Tracing (confirming VT; ST-T changes).

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