Saturday, May 14, 2016

ECG Blog #124 - Teaching by Using a Normal ECG (ECG Guru)

The Instructor Collection ECG of the Week for 5/12/2016 on the ECG Guru — is of a normal tracing (Figure-1). The goal of my comment is to illustrate how to turn a "normal ECG" into an educational experience.
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Figure-1: 12-lead ECG with accompanying 3-lead rhythm strip. Despite the fact that this tracing is essentially unremarkable — it can still be used to teach a number of important principles in ECG interpretation (See below).
NOTE: No history was available for the ECG in Figure-1.
  • CHALLENGE: How would you turn discussion of the ECG in Figure-1 into an educational experience for learners of any experience level?
ANSWER: My approach to this challenge can be found in Comment #1183 on the ECG Guru. My discussion uses labeled Figure-2:
Figure-2: Labelling of Figure-1 for teaching purposes (Please see my Comment #1183 on the ECG Guru for full discussion).

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