Monday, January 18, 2021

ECG Blog #185 — Ps, Qs, 3R Approach to Rhythms


The KEY to interpreting cardiac arrhythmias — is to use a Systematic Approach, as emphasized in today's Audio Pearl. It doesn't matter if you use my system — or some other system you were taught, as long as each time you interpret an arrhythmia, you use the same system you have adapted.

  • My ECG Media Pearl (#3) — that appears below, concisely reviews my approach (in < 4 minutes).

  • My ECG Video #10 reviews the basics of the Ps, Qs & 3R Approach in more detail (28 minutes). As with all my ECG Videos — if you click on SHOW MORE (under the video, on the YouTube page) — you'll see a detailed linked Contents that allows rapid access to any specific part of the video that interests you.
  • Section 2.0 (62 pages) from my ECG-2014 Pocket Brain book reviews the basics of ECG Arrhythmia Interpretation (This is a free download).

ECG Media PEARL #3 (3:00 minutes Audio): — reviews my systematic approach to arrhythmia interpretation, as summarized by the saying — "Watch your Ps, Qs & 3Rs".


NOTE: Outlined below are the 5 elements in the Ps, Qs & 3R Approach:


  1. Thank you from Sudan

    1. My Pleasure. I surprise myself that after decades of interpreting arrhythmias — I "automatically" still interpret challenging tracings by reciting, "Watch your Ps,Qs,3Rs"! THANKS for your support — :)

    2. Big thanks and appreciation from Iraq

    3. My pleasure! Thank you for your interest! — :)